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The Influence Of Social Media On SEO

The influence of social media on SEO

The relationship between digital marketers and social media has been complicated at best and downright misunderstood at worst. For a long time social media was considered the untamed wild west of digital marketing, with people who knew little about it selling consultancy to those who knew even less. Nowadays social media taken for granted as a rudimentary form of digital marketing that every practitioner does by default. How could anyone say no to marketing on social media when so many…

Top Tips For SEO Experts

Top tips for SEO experts

The online world is always changing and how we look at SEO needs to change with it. There’s never any shame in learning as true masters are always expanding their knowledge. Whether you’re an expert or novice, there is always value in studying new and effective optimisation strategies. The following are some useful tips that can benefit both small businesses and large enterprises in their SEO efforts. SEO isn’t all about ranking Proper SEO is a much bigger exercise than…

What Your Website Effects Your SEO

What your website effects your SEO

Is your website an isolated marketing technique separate to SEO? Well you could be wasting your time and efforts if that is the case. Your SEO ranking relies heavily upon your website and it being optimized correctly. Sure keywords matter but Google and their algorithm look at more than that. It is a mixture of elements that gives your website its ranking. Seeing them as a collective rather than individual pieces will help you understand the broader picture. What Google…

What Should Be In Your SEO Package?

What should be in your SEO package?

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique that is used to promote your website on the internet. When you choose to use a company that specializes in this field they normally have different SEO packages.  The main goal is for your website’s ranking to be as high as possible from multiple search engines such as Google and Bing. There are many different approaches to take when conducting SEO and all should be considered before you make a commitment. Using…

How To Choose The Right SEO Package

How to choose the right SEO package

Choosing the right SEO package for you and your business can be a difficult task if you have never used the type of service before. On top of that different SEO companies offer different packages and in the end the whole process can be very overwhelming. Taking the time to understand what each package consists of and their goals can make your selection process a lot easier. Understand what’s in the packages and what they’re essentially aiming to do. Here…

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